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Author Topic: Looking for a new flash system  (Read 1840 times)
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« at: 04:09 GMT - Thu 17 May 07 »

Those here that shoot KM/Sony what flash do you use?  I am thinking of getting the 56/5600 or the Metz 54, can I get any pros and cons to either.

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« Reply #1 at: 17:38 GMT - Thu 17 May 07 »

I use the HS 5600 D.  Never tried the Metz but it seems to have a very good reputation with KM shooters as it apparently minimises the "Lazy Eye" probelm.

Flash use is a weak point with the KM digital system which is funny since KM pioneered wireless flash.  I still have a slide I took of my boss with my 7 one day when he was banging on about his new Canon 20D.  I put the 5600 to one side of him and side lit him and his jaw dropped open since at least at that time, to do such a thing would have needed an expensive accessory with the Canon system.

When the 7D came, I just was never happy with the flash.  Finally, I found out KM was offering  to calibrate 7D with HS5600 D and I sent mine in.  That was a bad move as the previously perfectly working camera had to make two further trips to Japan to resolve problems the service centre introduced such as not being able to start up the camera lol.     Check this site out for stuff on KM flashes.  If you are still going  strong after that, have a look at this one for even more.

One advantage I know with Metz, is that you have these modules that fit between the cam and the flash to dedicate it to that system so that if you do change or have cams from another system, you can share the flash between them.

So after all that, I don't have more of a clue about Metz, but hopefully you got a good read  ;D
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