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Welcome to the Capture360.Net Image Gallery Frequently Asked Questions Section.
Here you find answers to questions that have popped up a lot over time and chances are that you will find that someone has had the very same query you have now sometime in the past.
If you cannot find the answer to your query here, please visit the forum and run a search there.
If this does not provide an answer to the issue, feel free to post a query in the user fourms.
Thank you for visiting.
Gallery FAQ (Under Construction)
1 Why am I allowed to upload only X pic(s) per day and only have Xkb storage?
2 How do I upload my pictures?
3 What file types can I upload?
4 Are there any limits on the file sizes I can upload?
5 What is the difference between rating an image and voting for one?
6 Why do my pictures have a smaller dimension than what I set it to in Photoshop™?

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